What to Wear

Take the time to check out my Pinterest fashion page, look at style magazines, photos of my clients, and even window-shop online (or just shop!) a bit. Keep your clothing simple and avoid white. Layering with scarves, hoodies, skirts with leggings, etc all helps in adding style and depth to your portraits. Check out this article!

The proper outfits are imperative for your photos. If your eyes are blue, wear blues and greens. If your eyes are brown, go with more earth tones. Enhance. Clothing brings skin tones to life and brightens the mood too, if I shall say so. Color makes your portraits pop. Bring on the color!

Love the color brown? So do I. But let’s not put all four family members in brown collared shirts and khakis. You’ll sort of melt together in photos. If you love brown, go with it! Mix and match various shades. Shake it up.

I’d also suggest to just pick four outfits (with color of course), and roll with it. No matching required. It’s all about coordinating (heck, you are related, right?), but not matchy matchy. I love assisting clients with clothing and fashion. Just ask. 🙂