I’ve always enjoyed the “moments” in photographs most. Laughter, singing, admiring, jumping…

They tell a story.
They illustrate a portrait.
They amplify a memory.

The moment my daughter was born and she was placed in my arms, we made eye contact for the first time. Everything was in slow motion and my world paused…I looked at her big brown eyes and all was silenced. She stopped crying, and I gasped for air…We just stared at each other.

It was THE MOST PERFECT MOMENT of my life.

Moments like that are photographed in your mind forever. They are irreplaceable and unforgettable. Photography is an investment of those memories.

Capturing photos that make you feel something is what I find most rewarding. Although I want to capture the natural smiles and laughs of your children during our session, I also want to capture that moment of you gazing at them as they chase bubbles at the park. I want to capture that moment of you admiring your wedding ring, as your husband embraces you in his arms. And of course, I want to capture that moment of your child tickling her baby brother, as they both giggle to their hearts’ content.

That sense of wonder. That feeling of the impermanence of life captured forever in some small way.

Now let’s go have some fun!


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